Your Liberation
Your Liberation

This unique body of work uses stories, exercises, and challenges to get you in action. It is not only the heady stuff of insights, but is grounded in the body, and connected to the natural world. This work, works—in every area of your life. It really does!

Here you will find the support to design and build the life that suits you and the practical tools that firmly establish that higher version of yourself—right here and now.

You will first assess your world authentically and with clear-eyed honesty. Then you’ll take powerful action to advance your life in measurable ways and will celebrate the accomplishment that results from that effort.

In Fred Coyote’s LIBERATED LIFE seminars and coaching sessions, clients have laughed so hard they’ve fallen off their chairs. And sometimes they cry. And the big breakthroughs often happen when the tears and laughter are combined.

Seminars, retreats, courses:

Liberation is deep work, delightful and surprising. It requires a great deal, and in return delivers a great life.

The work is sophisticated, simple, and full of paradox.

You’re supported by a master teacher and you have others cheering you on.

In a place of safety and playful creativity, your liberation begins today.

Courage at the Crossroads

(audio meditation and video course, to be released in January 2017)

When you face the decisions that make a difference, life is about to get really interesting.

  •  What would living your life on purpose and with passion look like and what direction would it take?
  •  How are you blocking your path to real success and fulfillment?
  • When you move past procrastination and hesitation what journey calls and what dreams open up?
  • Why miss important opportunities when all you need is the courage to take the unfamiliar path?

Drawing on powerful stories of courage and clarity Fred Coyote shares the proven methods of choosing your path wisely, committing fully and acting with a sense of adventure and fun. When we face a crossroads in any aspect of life—relationships, sex, career, purpose, body and health, finances, spirituality and power, the choice we make leads to less of what we want, or more of what we want. How do you want your life to go?

You’ll learn…

  • how to make wise, purposeful decisions at each of your life crossroads you face
  • how to turn breakdowns into breakthroughs
  • how to listen to your deepest Self and find courage to move forward
  • how to align all areas of life for ultimate success and fulfilment on the journey
Courage at the Crossroads
Transformational Relationships

(weekend intensive for couples and individuals seeking their soul mate)

An ordinary connection or an extraordinary one? Who YOU are will make the difference.

  • Do you want a deeper, more intimate connection in your relationship?
  • Does your life path call for a Soul Mate to share the journey?
  • Would you like to learn how to communicate deeply and authentically with your Beloved?
  • What would being free of jealousy, disillusionment, apathy, and frustration bring to your relationship?
  • Are you tired of repeating the same old patterns and ruts in your relationship?
  • Do you want to have a better partner? If so, are you ready to be a better partner?

Your relationship potential is worth a weekend devoted to going deep. In this romantic weekend retreat Fred Coyote creates a loving, safe environment to share yourself, learn, grow and explore the secrets of whole, hot, fulfilling intimate relationship. The only thing more fun than a good relationship, is a great one.

You’ll learn…

  • how to create joyful, playful, long-term success in relationship
  • how to overcome blocks to healthy relating and build deep connection
  • how to break out of old destructive patterns and recreate newly chosen love habits
  • how to process argument and dissension to communicate your deepest truths
  • how to attract an ideal mate and generate a love that lasts

This workshop deepens an existing relationship or prepares you for a new one. Join us whether you have a regular partner or not and create the relationship of your soul’s dream.

The Deep Power of Sexual Creation

(Presentation for groups with discussion and Q&A)

Making love can make everything else you want in life, when it’s powered by the Divine.

  • Do you want a deeper, more satisfying connection in your sex life?
  • Are you ready to build intimacy and healing through sex?
  • Would you like to connect the power of sex and spirituality to fuel Divine love?
  • Is it time to explore ancient Tantric Sexuality practices?
  • Will you let your life purpose generate extra passion and hot, holy sex?

The most liberated and profound sex is Divine. Drawing on teachings from ancient traditions and new insights into spiritual sexuality, Fred Coyote shares the secrets of sacred intimacy.

  • how to generate spiritual sex that will rock your world in the bedroom and in the rest of life
  • how to add simple, inspiring practices to playful intimacy and sexual bliss
  • how to move past blocks to experience the deepest forms of sexual ecstasy
  • how to focus your sexual energies to power your self-expression, health, wealth, and happiness

This presentation always fills quickly and is full of laughter, excitement, discovery and delight. People show up ready to learn and leave with tools to create the best sexual and spiritual intimacy of their lives.

I free my life
and all those around me.
Liberation is my birthright
I claim it—now.

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