Fred Coyote

Fred Coyote, the founder of The Liberated Life, is dedicated to teaching people how to replace the patterns that hold them back with the practices and skills that bring fulfillment and freedom in every aspect of life.

As a coach, seminar leader, and consultant, Fred Coyote shines light into the corners where self-defeating behaviors are discovered and released. New ways of being emerge with ease and playfulness.

The work of liberation is a leap up, and clients drawn to this work are those with the power and courage to see what’s possible and take the direct action that generates immediate results.

The wisdom of the ages and the fun of discovery in the moment generate unprecedented breakthroughs in private sessions, group settings, and public events.

“I’ve climbed to the tops of mountains, I’ve jumped out of airplanes, and this was one of the most amazing and powerful things I have ever experienced. Definitely the most profound.” —Jason, workshop participant